Percurso da Serra Amarela

NAME OF INTEREST - Holly copse surrounded by broom thicket

CONCEPT - Natural Heritage

On the lower side of the forestry track next to a watercourse we can see a holly copse (habitat 9380 – Ilex aquifolium woodland). This habitat is dominated by holly trees (Ilex aquifolium), a species that is protected in Portugal because of the threat posed by the use of its branches for Christmas decorations. Despite being very rare in Portugal, in the area where we are now there are significant holly woods with large sized individual trees. Within the Park the largest holly woods are found in the upper parts of the Ramiscal and Cabril valleys (the latter, close to where we are now), principally on the steep north facing slopes.
The thicket surrounding the holly copse is formed mainly out of tree-broom. In this broom thicket is to be found the largest population of wild daffodil (Narcissus pseudonarcissus subsp. nobilis) in the Park, a protected north Iberian Peninsula endemic.