Percurso da Serra Amarela

NAME OF INTEREST - Geomorphological units

CONCEPT - Geological Heritage

The Colado da Porta (the point where we now find ourselves), by virtue of being a pass, is also an excellent vantage point. To the northwest one can view the Serra do Soajo and to the southeast the Serra do Gerês which, despite both being formed essentially out of granitic rocks, have quite different geomorphological expressions. The Serra do Gerês has a much sharper relief, whilst that of the Serra do Soajo is much smoother. These differences are related to the rock types present in the two areas: the Soajo Granite (Serra do Soajo) and Gerês Granite (Serra do Gerês), which through their differing characteristics (texture, structure, mineral composition), react in distinctive ways to alteration and the wearing down provoked by the agents of weathering (water, wind, temperature change, biological activity, amongst others), thereby conditioning the landform of both of these mountain ranges.
The line of hilltops that can be followed from this pass (a natural crossing point that facilitates communication between the two sides of a mountain) serve as the watershed between the drainage basins of the river Lima (northwest) and the river Homem (southeast).