Percurso da Serra Amarela

NAME OF INTEREST - Flat area (glade)

CONCEPT - Geological Heritage

This flattened area where we find ourselves has been formed by the deposition of sediments that resulted from the erosion of the surrounding rocks. The accumulation of sediments allowed the formation and development of soil as can be seen at this point. The rock type that is exposed here is the granite of Lindoso and Várzea. This is a granitic rock which was intruded during the 3rd deformation phase of the Hercynian Orogeny (about 320-310 million years ago), which occurred between the Devonian and late Permian periods. It is characterised by the significant stress fractures that were generated at the time, allowing magma to rise and intrude into the earth’s crust, for this reason this granite is considered to be syntectonic.