Percurso da Serra Amarela


CONCEPT - Landscape Interest

This is an excellent point from which to view the huge expanse of water forming the Alto Lindoso Reservoir in the River Lima, shared with neighbouring Spain (both river and reservoir are international).
From here we are able to appreciate the deep valley of the River Cabril, a tributary of the Lima, together with the respective drainage pattern of the area (the water courses that drain into the Cabril are clearly visible on the valley sides). The physical characteristics and the soil and climatic conditions of the Cabril valley have facilitated the development and sustainment of one of the best preserved natural woodlands in the National Park: the ‘Mata do Cabril’, included in an area classified as a Total Protection Zone since 1995, equivalent to a total/ full preservation area.
The presence of the cabra-montesa (mountain goat) in this part of the Park is certainly not strange considering the biophysical conditions, but is undoubtedly further helped by the level of protection and state of conservation that is evident in this area.