Percurso da Serra Amarela

NAME OF INTEREST - Travanquinha shelter

CONCEPT - Cultural Heritage

There are various examples of shepherds’ shelters or cabins found along this route through the Serra Amarela. These structures are spread throughout the upland areas and have been built there because of the demands imposed by the shepherding way of life. The lack of grazing nearby the human settlements forced shepherds up into the hills to find the food for their flocks, this generally being organized on a communal grazing system as is the case with ‘vezeira’ (herds and flocks being moved from one communal grazing area to another). These shelters provide refuge for the shepherds whilst the ‘curral’ (or corral) provides an area for gathering the animals together for greater safety. There exist innumerable types located in many different places and built at various times. The ‘Abrigo do Curral da Travanquinha’ is one of these examples, situated in an area with a wonderful view over the River Lima, today in the form of the Lindoso reservoir. Viewed in plan it is roughly circular and the ceiling in the form of a false cupola. The structure is in granite whilst the floor is compacted earth. The small doorway, facing south, is the only envisaged opening in the structure.